Angelo De Augustine - Haze (Live at Meditation Mount) 1 year ago

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"Swim Inside the Moon" out now on CD/LP/Digital:

Directed by Jess Collins

Produced by  Jacki Calleiro

Color by Bossi Baker

Special thanks to:
Laura Guiseppi

looking all around for someone new
up and down and right in front of you
staring in the mirror is all you do
tell me how long

you opened my mind
haze took me so high
could you be my
could you be my
could you be my love
could you be my
would you be my
would you be my love

no one knew how long they had
shot me down or shoot another man
caught inside such a familiar trap
tell me how long

did you know how to carry the song
opened up after closing so long
now you're right
and no one is wrong