The Sad Story Of Henry (RS - HD) 9 years ago

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I do not own Thomas The Tank Engine! It is owned by HIT Entertainment and this video is for viewing purposes.

Air Date: 9/12/1984

Narrator - Ringo Starr (UK)

Series 1 - Episode 3

In a spate of bad weather, Henry decides to stop in the middle of a tunnel in order to shelter from the rain to avoid it spoiling his lovely green paint and red stripes, much to the annoyance of his passengers and crew. They try ushering him out, pulling him out with a rope, pushing the coaches with people power and engine power, all without help from the Fat Controller whose Doctor has forbidden him to push or pull but it does no good and Henry wont move. In the end, The Fat Controller decides to take away Henrys rails and brick him up in the tunnel to teach him a lesson. Henry is now very sad and lonely, and dirt from the tunnel has spoilt his green paint with red stripes anyway. All he can do is hope that the Fat Controller will let him out soon...!