Did Intel CHEAT on Benchmarks?? - The WAN Show Oct 12, 2018 3 months ago

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Timestamps courtesy of theDarkPotato

0:00 Linus Installs a Soundbar with Alex
1:04 Projector Brand Reaches out to Linus
6:45 Google Pixel 3 and Hangouts Issue
13:35 Pocophone Thoughts
18:14 Hangouts Bug
20:43 Antec DF-85 Rant
24:30 Apple Watch going haywire
26:36 SPONSOR: Honey
28:17 SPONSOR: Private Internet Access
29:00 SPONSOR: Freshbooks
30:30 Nick Comes Down and Turns on YouTube Memberships
30:53 Linus Explains Ways to contribute to LMG
36:15 Floatplane Milestones
36:58 Floatplane Early access
39:00 Floatplane Hire
43:40 Intel 9th Gen Talk and Principled Technologies
55:24 One more thing- Facebook Data breach
56:00 Officially Licenced Nintendo Wireless Gamecube Controllers coming to switch
56:08 Google Plus Hack and EOL
56:15 WAN Show Outro