Christian Bale: The Truth About Method Acting 3 months ago

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When you think of Christian Bale in movies -- what do you visualize? An overweight Vice President? A future war fighter against rebellious machines? A 120 pound insomniac? A tough as nails boxing trainer? Or perhaps Batman. Yeah, we all know you definitely thought of Batman. While Batman may be Christian Bale’s most iconic role, the method actor has run the gauntlet when it comes to movie acting choices. But just how far does he go for these roles? What kind of toll does he put on his mental and physical state? And the most important question of all: is it worth it?

Christian Bale is an Academy Award winning actor who has had quite a versatile career in films like American Psycho and American Hustle. Besides his films with America in the title, Bale has played a wide range of characters and completely transformed his physical appearance to do so. The method actor goes above and beyond for his choices -- often resulting in real-life issues. Watch our documentary to dive deep into the world of Christian Bale, his acting choices, and how they have impacted both his professional and personal life. See his crazy transformations over the years, his weight gains, weight losses, and the health problems that came along with it. This all builds up to his newest role in Vice, as Bale stars as former Vice President Dick Cheney. And of course we’ve all seen him transform into Batman, one of the biggest on-screen heroes. How did this all happen?! See this documentary to find out!

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